• Qualitative

    Our full-time psychologists are personally involved at all stages of the research process.

    Added value:

    • they personally take on the whole study, from fieldwork to interpretation
  • Quantitative

    Our team entrusts every single job to a Project Manager, who is personally responsible for the quality of the work in all its stages.

    Added value:

    • ability to tune in with the request, care, flexibility, proactiveness
  • Service

    On top of our full service offer, we can perform single steps of the research process with the same passion and accuracy, without any outsourcing:

    • questionnaire translations, with local adaptation, proof reading
    • transcripts
    • coding and data entry in any form
    • selected facilities nationwide, equipped according to the individual needs
  • Operation

    Face-to-face fieldwork:

    • 2 full time field managers
    • 21 regional supervisors
    • 700 BtoC interviewers
    • 120 executive, BtoB interviewers
    • CAPI network (PCs and tablets)
    • qualitative recruitment specialists
    • professional Mystery Shoppers

    CATI center (located on our premises):

    • 2 full time field managers
    • 3 supervisors for in-progress controls
    • 42 CATI stations
    • 120 interviewers
    • all interviewers working on an exclusive basis, all Italian native speaker, 4 years average experience with MPS

    CAWI System:

    • internally operated on-line system
    • scripting and data processing carried out internally
    • own server web hosting all CAWI projects


    • statistical team following each step: from data gathering to processing
    • analysis carried out via Quantum and SPSS
    • own developed software to operate and manage the interviewing process: MPS TOUCH e MPS CALL